To become Amway Business Owner you need to take a few simple steps

  • register on our website by filling in a special form;
  • download, print, and sign the ABO Agreement, which will be generated automatically based on the information you've provided;
  • send signed ABO contract and the copy of the passport or the copy of the identity card to the company. 

Register now

In order to get the rewards in monetary terms and any income from products sale, ABO needs to take additional steps:

  • To get registered with tax authorities as Private  Entrepreneur or Limited Liability Partnership
  • To download, unpack, fill in, and sign SA and contract of purchase and sale with PE or limited liability partnership.
  • To send the set of documents to Amway

Documents set includes:

  • Copy of certificate on the state registration (re-registration) of legal entity, or copy of the certificate on the state registration of the private entrepreneur (joint individual business),
  • Bank details of the legal person / settlement account of PE,
  • The signed services agreement (SA) with Amway LLC (2 copies)
  • Copy of the identity card of ABO – the holder of the contract ABO/SA,
  • the signed contract of purchase and sale with Amway LLC (2 copies)
  • Legal entities (limited liability partnership) also need to send:
  • form of authorization of the legal entity,
  • copy of the charter,
  • document confirming your right to sign documents on behalf of limited liability partnership (charter, power of attorney, order/minutes of general meeting of participants). Copy.