Your Rewards

As your business grows you have the opportunity to advance upwards through numerous qualification levels, earning specific bonuses, awards and recognition with each step.

  • Hard work should be rewarded
  • Strive for more
  • It is all up to you
  • Amway Sales and Marketing Plan

Hard work should be rewarded


Amway believes that hard work should be rewarded

The Amway Sales and Marketing Plan rewards you for selling products and for attracting others in the Amway business to do the same – purchase and sell products to final consumers.

The Amway business income potential is unlimited – it is up to you to unleash your potential.
You can get income in three ways:

1) A retail markup on products sold to clients. Buying products at a special price and then selling it to final consumers at a recommended retail price with a 30% markup, you receive your first income. 

2) Rewards for personal turnover. Monthly rewards vary from 3% to 21% of the turnover depending on your productivity. In other words, the more products you buy and sell*, the more you get in addition to the profit on sales.

3) Money rewards and bonuses for group results. Help other people achieve success and you will get monthly and annual rewards for leadership and groups building as well as additional rewards and bonuses for sales volumes realized by other people invited by you to Amway.

The Amway Plan does not reward purely for attracting others - a successful Amway business is built on a balance between selling products to customers and sponsoring other people to do the same. 

*In order to perform entrepreneurial activity and get money rewards, Amway Business Owners (ABOs) need to be registered in Russian Federation tax authorities as LLC or E.I.

Strive for more


Strive for more


Amway helps and supports you in reaching your goals whatever they are: earning additional income for you and your family, a greater sense of fulfillment, creating a better life for your loved ones, or something entirely different.

We have already helped over 3 million people around the world start their way to success. They were attracted by a great business potential, the support of the Company with more than 50-year experience, a global community ready to help, and the opportunity to get rewards and recognition for their efforts and to live the lives they dreamed of.

We hope that once you learn more about the business opportunity we offer, you will agree with millions of others that having your own business is an chance worth pursuing. 



It is all up to you


It is all up to you

The Amway business is the opportunity to increase your income, to have a balance between work and private life as well as to take charge of your future.

High quality and innovative cleaning products, cosmetics and supplements that we have been offering for more than 50 years already stay useful and appealing to our clients all over the world. And these are only a few reasons for becoming an Amway Business Owner. There are a lot of other reasons why people join us.

Amway gives a possibility to reach success to everyone. The heights you can reach are determined by the efforts you are ready to make. As millions of people confirm, this is the Amway story of success.

Create your own story of success with Amway!

Amway Sales and Marketing Plan


Amway Sales and Marketing Plan

The Amway Sales and Marketing Plan reflects our business’ main principles and values defined by Amway founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel in 1959.

The Amway Plan is based on direct selling principles and a system of ABOs rewards for the sales volume achieved.
In the Amway business your income depends on your own achievements. The more time and efforts you dedicate to the business development – selling Amway products and attracting others in the Amway business, the higher reward you get.

The Amway Sales and Marketing Plan offers people the opportunity to develop their own business without any professional background and high investment. The Amway Sales and Marketing Plan is so successful that today after more than 50 year from the date of founding, the Company counts more than 3 million Amway Business Owners all over the world – we have never been that strong before.