Satinique hair care products use a combination of science and beauty to repair, strengthen and protect hair simultaneously, whether your hair is normal, dry, fine or oily. The range includes shampoos and conditioners, styling products and hardworking hair treatments.

  • The exclusive Ceramide Infusion System
  • Style by John Gillespie

The exclusive Ceramide Infusion System

The exclusive Ceramide Infusion System (CIS)

The SATINIQUE brands answer to unhealthy-looking hair is the Ceramide Infusion System (CIS) technology. It is clinically proven to repair, strengthen and protect your hair against stress, pollution and styling choices.

CIS is a unique lipid technology, derived from skin care research, which penetrates into the hair shaft and actually helps repair damage by replacing lost lipids and replenishes moisture. Leading scientist Dr Philip Wertz, from the University of Iowa, has conducted extensive research, which demonstrates the effectiveness of SATINIQUE products; which when used regularly results in shinier, healthy-looking hair.

Protect: Forms a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss and protect hair from physical damage

Strengthen: Improves elasticity and strength of the hair fibre

Repair: Penetrates into the hair to restore the Cell Membrane Complex

Style by John Gillespie

Style by John Gillespie

Internationally renowned for his experience, achievements and talent in the hair styling industry.

Trained at Vidal Sassoon John Gillespie, is a word renowned stylist, a salon owner, and spokesperson for SATINIQUE. Featured on the cover of Vogue and Elle, to name just a few; as well as styling numerous celebrities, John explains:"It’s really quite simple to determine your hair type. Basically, everyone’s hair falls into one of the following categories: dry, oily, fine, coloured or prone to dandruff. Through each of the four steps– cleansing, conditioning, treating and styling – the SATINIQUE™Hair Care Products range offers a product to suit."

Meeting your every hair care need

Whether your hair is normal, fine, dry, oily, coloured or prone to dandruff, the SATINIQUE product range allows you to customise your own collection to achieve shinier, more resilient, healthier looking hair. The 4 sub categories for Satinique:

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