Sense the harmonious atmosphere of Asia with this pampering spa collection. It harnesses the traditions of the East, helping you fully unwind and feel deeply relaxed.

We can't always escape our routine for weeks at a time but a few hours of pure indulgence, savouring each special moment of relaxation, should be possible for everyone.The Premium Spa Collection products were designed to counteract the stress and strain of everyday life and to refresh and protect both your body and your soul.The gentle products are scented with the subtle and elegant fragrance of white tea.


Softening and Hydrating
Shower and Bath Foam

Relax in your own home spa and gently wash your cares away

  •   Vitamin-rich peach oil to help moisturise the skin
  •   Guar gum for softening and hydration
  •    Your skin feels nourished from the inside out!

Usage: Slowly massage over moist skin until the gel forms a velvety foam. Peach oil, rich in Vitamin E, will leave your skin particularly soft and intensely hydrated.


Regenerating and Purifing
Body Scrub

Smooth away rough skin at the same time as you soothe away your stress!

  •   Gently exfoliates for supple skin
  •   Feeling of smooth skin
  •   Jojoba esters help skin feel refreshed

Usage: Massage the deliciously scented Body Scrub into your skin. With its Jojoba esters, it gently exfoliates and stimulates the skin, smoothing away roughness.


Hydrating and Revitalising
Body Souffle

Ultra-absorbent and deeply hydrating for the ultimate spa sensation!

  •   Indulgent shea butter and almond oil to help soothe and protect
  •   Coenzyme Q10 stimulates cell energy and gently tones the skin.

Leaves skin feeling fresh and you feeling calm.

Usage: Apply the quick-absorbing and -moisturising Body Soufflé on to your skin. Shea butter and Coenzyme Q10 give a delicate, creamy texture to rehydrate, renew and stimulate the skin, for a soft and protected feeling throughout the day.


Exclusive White tea fragrance

White tea is one of China’s special treasures – the delicate taste was highly valued thousands of years ago by Chinese emperors and has been discovered only recently by the rest of the world. It is the least-processed tea in the world and is hand-picked then very carefully steamed and dried. Due to this delicate process, white tea is one of the most expensive teas in the world. This light and exclusive fragrance alone can transport you to a faraway land!

Perfect gift

Ideal as a gift, this spa collection is scented with the mild and flowery fragrance of white tea.