glister™ toothpaste is one of the best-selling Amway products that's been going on for 50 years! Every day it helps millions of people around the world to take care of oral health and delight loved ones with a beautiful smile!

1965. Amway created a toothpaste with special polishing and cleaning agents to make teeth “glisten”. This safe, gentle formula made teeth whiter and brighter without the risk of damage to tooth enamel.

2015. For 50 years Amway has sold millions of tubes of this extraordinary toothpaste, making it our best-selling product around the globe. Today, that single toothpaste product has expanded into an exciting brand of oral care products.

Today Amway believes optimal oral health begins with daily brushing, then goes beyond. GLISTER™ is a complete Oral Health Care System dedicated to bringing users a “brighter, more beautiful smile that simply shines confidence”.
High quality and systematic approach are at the core of our brand!

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