beautycycle Skin Care and Colour Cosmetics harness the vast power of the elements to address skin’s ever-changing needs.

Never before have nutrients inspired by the elements been delivered so deep and efficiently to your skin. Every beautycycle product contains our exclusive Microquad™ complex, a balanced mix of each element’s core ingredient, in microspheres that mimic your skin’s structure, for maximum effectiveness.


Simply pick your element according to your needs.


  • air
  • water
  • earth
  • fire
  • colour


air - breathe new life into skin

beautycycle Air blows away signs of aging with yogurt probiotics that boost skin’s oxygen uptake, leaving skin healthier and more youthful.

The uniqueness: natural yoghurt probiotics boost oxygen uptake for a healthier, more youthful appearance.

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water - quench thirsty skin

beautycycle Water satisfies normal-to-dry skin’s thirst with deep moisture. This ultra-hydrating range helps circulate moisture, protecting skin from dehydration.

The uniqueness: wild pansy helps to increase moisture exchange from the outside in and from the inside out, defeating dryness for fresh, hydrated skin.

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earth - restore balanced skin

Normal-to-oily skin finds its balance through the rich mixture of essential minerals found inbeautycycle Earth products, helping to reduce and control oil and diminish the appearance of pores, leaving skin clean and clear.

The uniqueness: specially treated zinc, copper, magnesium, iron and silicon to balance the skin’s natural oils.

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fire - re-energize skin

The Fire range is suitable for all skin types to treat specific problem areas. Working in combination with products from Air, Earth or Water, the Fire line sparks skin to correct itself with glucosamine and energizing ingredients.

The uniqueness: energizing ingredients including glucosamine to stimulate skin’s radiance.

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colour - illuminate your beauty

Colour captures the breathtaking vibrancy of the elements to enhance your beauty. Create excitement with a complete cosmetics line that offers a range of shades to match each skin tone. Show off a variety of looks using classic day to dramatic evening makeup to reveal your true beauty.

The uniqueness: mineral pigment formulas that match your skin tone for naturally illuminated beauty.

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