NUTRILITE™ Daily, 30 tablets + NUTRILITE™ Omega-3 ComplexNUTRILITE™ Daily, 30 tablets + NUTRILITE™ Omega-3 Complex
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NUTRILITE™ Daily, 30 tablets + NUTRILITE™ Omega-3 Complex

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Every day, our bodies are exposed to a large number of adverse effects: stress at work, irregular and inadequate nutrition, an extra pressure on our bodies, external environmental factors. As a result, our performance and immunity decrease developing a chronic fatigue syndrome let alone more serious conditions worsening the quality of our life.
Lack of essential vitamins, proteins and omega-3 can remain undetected for a long time and manifest itself at any time in the most unpredictable way.
NUTRILITE™ Daily product set, 30 tablets + NUTRILITE™ Omega-3 Complex will provide your body with this much needed daily support! 

NUTRILITE™ Daily has a bracing effect, compensates for the effects of unbalanced diet and vicious habits. It is there to supply your body with 13 vitamins, 8 minerals and phytonutrients derived from 6 plants.
NUTRILITE™ Omega-3 Complex nourishes the body with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that play an important role in operation of immune and circulatory systems preventing the development of vascular diseases and promoting the improvement of higher brain functions, such as memory and attention.

Ingredient listing: 
NUTRILITE™ Daily, 30 tablets;
NUTRILITE™ Omega-3 Complex, 90 capsules

NUTRILITE™ Daily, 30 tablets
Adults take 1 tablet daily with a meal. Duration – 1 month.
NUTRILITE™ Omega-3 Complex
Adults and children above 14 years old should take 1 capsule 2 times daily with a meal. Duration – 1 month. Prior to use consult your physician. 
Duration – 1 month

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