Body series


Principles of personal hygiene for the whole family Brand BODY SERIES ™ was created specifically to meet the everyday needs of your skin. This is the most advanced range of unmatched body care - for everyone.

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Moisturising body care

G&H Lotion is a daily moisturiser with glycerin and honey. It leaves skin feeling silky and smooth with no greasy after-effects - and contains allantoin, known for its soothing properties.

For long lasting moisture - and with oat protein to help condition the skin - BODY SERIES™ Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion visibly improves skin and helps protect against harmful sun rays. 

Fresh and clean skin care

G&H Body Shampoois a mild and gentle body wash that conditions the skin and can even be used on hair! Our Body Series 3 in 1 Bar Soap is a creamy soap that cleans, deodorises and is gentle enough for children aged three years and older.